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Protesters got off topic yesterday in ABQ. People need to stop drawing a hard line in the sand concerning this APD situation, because both “sides” have behaved “good and bad”.

The protest that occurred on Tues, March 25th, was a non-violent, intelligent protest against the APD’s chronic issues with excessive force and unnecessary shootings in recent years. Some things are broken with APD and need change, and I support that.

The protest that occurred on Sunday? …turned into a chaotic gathering of angsty, angry goons who seemed to have no message other than “let’s have a destructive party in the streets for 10 hours.” 

Sometimes Burquenos make me feel embarrassed. Use your heads. Your message wasn’t a positive or productive one.

Happy (Homeless People Dance Video) -Music by Pharrell

2 officers, deputy injured in shootout

This happened in ABQ yesterday, 1/4 of a mile from my home, the shooter crashed into a gas pump and was killed by police. We were under lock down in our neighborhood all day. Thank goodness none of the officers who were shot, died and no innocent bystanders were shot. Its a miracle.

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Who saw the sunset tonight?